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How do I transfer money into another person's bank account?

Transferring money into another person's bank account is a very simple task. If your bank allows you to do wire transfers, you can transfer money almost instantly into another person's account with some small fees. However, if you do not want to pay a lot of fees or your bank account does not offer wire transfers, there are other methods you can use.

Online Wire Transfers

Log in to your online banking account and see if your bank provides a wire transfer service. If it does, sign up for it. Go to the wire transfer page and type in the account number of the other person's bank account. Type in the amount that you wish to transfer. Your bank will now transfer the funds, which may take up to three days or be processed instantaneously, depending on your bank. Banks such as Bank of America will make wire transfers the same day. It is also possible to make wire transfers on a regular basis; you can set the transfer rate to every year, the first day of the month, or even weekly.


Set up a PayPal account. Contact the person to whom you want to send money and ask him to send you a money request through his PayPal account. Once the request reaches you, send him the amount he needs through your bank account that is linked to PayPal, a debit or credit card, or your available PayPal balance. PayPal will process the payment to the other person, and he can withdraw the money and put it in his bank account for a one-time transaction fee. If you want the other person to have the exact amount of money that he requested, you need to add as much money as PayPal will take away during the transaction. The rates for a personal transfer are 2.9 per cent of the purchase plus an added 30 cents. If you are making a payment for a product, such as on eBay, the transaction fee can range from 1.9 per cent to 2.9 per cent of the amount received and an additional 30 cents.

Transfer Among Family Members

If you know all the information of the other person's bank account, such as for a family member, you can use these methods.

Call or go to the bank and ask the teller for a transfer from one bank account to another. Tell her how much you want to transfer and the bank account where it is to be transferred. You will have to provide some form of identification. If your ATM has an option for transferring money to different bank accounts, click on it and follow the prompts on the screen. Some banks will not let you transfer money though bank accounts for security reasons.

To transfer the money online, set up an online account. All your bank accounts will show up (including the bank account that you want to transfer to, if you have the information). Click "Transfer" and choose which bank account you want to transfer money from. Choose the account that you want to transfer the money to and click "Transfer" or "Complete." This can also be done through cell phones enabled with mobile Internet, making your bank accounts much more accessible.