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How do I check to see if my debit card is activated?

A debit card is a card, often with a Visa or Mastercard logo, that is linked to a checking or savings account. When you receive your debit card, you typically have to call a 800 number to activate it before it can be used.

Toll Free Number

If your card has not been activated, a sticker on the card will generally prompt you to do so by using an automated phone system.Typically, on the back of the card you will see a toll free phone number. Be prepared to follow the prompts and enter in your card number as well as your pin number.

Check Online

Many banks and card issuers now have websites listed on the back of the card. Go to the website and put in the required information to gain access into your account. Many times this will be the website of the bank itself. Once you have registered your card, it will give you access into your account. If your card has not been activated, it will prompt you to do so when you log in.

Testing the Card

One sure-fire way to find out if your card has been activated is to try using it. Make sure to have a backup form of payment available in the event that your card has not been activated and is declined.

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