How to find an iban or swift number

An IBAN, or International Banking Account Number, refers to a standard of identifying bank accounts across national borders to facilitate international banking transactions. SWIFT is an international standard for identifying a bank; it contains the Bank Identifier Number, or BIC. Banks around the world rely on both IBAN and SWIFT numbers to deal with banks in other countries. Knowing your bank account IBAN and your local bank's SWIFT number will allow you to facilitate banking transactions when you send, or receive money through banks anywhere in the world.

Visit or call your local bank and request the IBAN and SWIFT numbers. The local branch of your bank is the primary holder of your bank account numbers, and they will know their SWIFT number and your IBAN number. U.S. banks do not participate in the IBAN system, which is why you would only need the SWIFT number and your bank account number if your bank is in the U.S.

Bring adequate identification when you visit your bank. Prepare to answer the bank's security questions if you will call them. You should have no problem getting the needed information once the bank is able to identify you as the account holder.

Logon to your online account in case you are using your bank's Internet banking program. Check your statement and other web pages to find the routing number, or SWIFT number of your bank. Most online bank statements include information about the bank's routing number, or SWIFT number.

Open your Internet browser in your computer, and visit the SWIFT website (see Resources. Enter the required information in the spaces provided and hit "Enter" to start your search. You must enter the name of your bank exactly as it appears in your bank statements.

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