Instructions for Monopoly's Here & Now Electronic Edition

Although a Monopoly type game existed in 1902, being patented in 1904 in the U.S. modern Monopoly dates from 1935 when Parker Brothers Ltd. bought the rights to produce it. Since then, Monopoly changed very little, until in 2006, the U.S. public were asked to vote over the Internet for locations to be featured on the U.S. Here and Now edition Monopoly board. Money, rents and fines were increased 10,000-fold to realistically mirror modern values and tokens and buildings were redesigned to represent modern technologies. The Electronic Here and Now edition dispenses with the use of cash, using credit cards and a "banker unit" computer/calculator to process transactions.

Unpack the box and check that all components are present. A list of contents appears on the front of the rules booklet. Use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover and insert the two 1.5V batteries into the banker unit. Replace cover.

Select a player to be banker. This can be done by rolling the dice, by vote or by mutual consent. The banker is responsible for issuing title deeds, selling apartments and hotels, overseeing auctions and operating the banker unit.

Decide order of play and select tokens by rolling the dice or by mutual consent. Issue credit cards to each player, shuffle the chance and community chest cards and limit the apartment pool to 32 and hotel pool to 12 if you are the banker. If a quicker game is agreed upon, shuffle and deal two title deed cards to each player if you are the banker.

Start the unit by pressing any key or by inserting one of the six credit cards. The unit will turn itself off again after a minute of inactivity. When a card is inserted the card number and that player's balance appear on the screen. The starting balance for each player is shown as "15M." The letters "K" and "M" are used to represent thousands and millions as the LCD display is limited to five numbers.

Pay money to the bank. Hand your credit card to the banker. Insert the card into the right hand slot of the banking unit and type in the owed amount if you are the banker. Return the card when the new balance is shown on the display.

Receive money from the bank. Hand your credit card to the banker. Insert the card into the left hand slot of the banking unit and type in the amount to be credited if you are the banker. Return the card when the new balance is shown on the display.

Pay and receive money from an opponent. Hand your credit card to the banker, your opponent will also hand his/her card over. Firstly insert the paying card into the right-hand slot of the banking unit and insert the receiving card into the left-hand slot if you are the banker. Type in the amount to be debited and credited. Return both cards when the new balances have been shown on the display.

Play Monopoly according to the normal rules, remembering that normally, all money should be visible to other players. Reveal another player's credit if requested by inserting the necessary card into the banker unit if you are the banker.

Turn off the banker unit at the end of the game. Hold down the "C" key until the unit beeps. This also resets the credit cards to 15M.


Press "C" on the banker unit to correct an incorrect entry. Listen for a beep from the banker unit to confirm correct insertion of a card. Adjust the banker unit volume by removing all cards and pressing the decimal point key.


Remove the batteries from the banker unit when not in use to avoid corrosion.

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Things Needed

  • Parker Brothers' Monopoly Here and Now Electronic Edition
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • 2 AAA (LRO3) 1.5V batteries

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