Interview Questions for Cleaning

If you have decided it's time to hire someone to do cleaning in your home, you will want to set up interviews to investigate your prospective employees. Communication is important with anyone you trust with your home and belongings. Make sure that any prospective cleaners are willing to perform any duties you require, and that you can communicate smoothly and easily on a daily basis with her.

Employment Background Information

Begin the interview with general information questions about this person's employment background. Ask for his work history, the names of past employers, the duties he performed on his past cleaning jobs and any special skills he might have. Make sure that he knows you will be contacting past employers for references.

Personal Information

Find out personal information such as criminal information, education, citizenship or work visa status or personal commitments that might affect daily scheduling. Emphasise the fact that you will be doing a criminal background check and checking legal work status on every prospective cleaner.

Job Expectations

Every cleaning job is different, and many prospective employees might have different ideas from yours about what is included in a thorough cleaning job. Ask each prospect if she is willing to do laundry, windows, heavy cleaning jobs or other special projects if this is what you would normally expect the job to entail.


Discuss the financial questions with your cleaning candidate before making a final decision. Inform him of what you expect to pay for the job and ask if this is in line with his expectations. Find out if he expects extra pay for certain jobs such as window cleaning or changing sheets. Investigate his views on overtime pay for extra hours or holidays.

Trial Period

Inquire whether your prospective cleaner is willing to work a trial period of one week at full pay. This period will give both of you an idea of whether you can sustain a working relationship together without either one of you giving a long-term commitment.

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