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How to make a receipt

Customers want receipts even for informal transactions. You might not have a cash register to print out a proper receipt, but you still want a professional invoice. This allows your customers a chance to prove that they paid for the item. Receipts also come in handy for your own records. Your can require that a receipt be present with an item before you'll accept a return. This way, you'll know that it came from your store.

You'll even need to send receipts for any online selling you do. You can write your receipts by hand, send a digital copy or print it out.

Create a header. The first line of your receipt should be your name or the name of your company. Follow this by your address and then your phone number. This allows the customers to contact you with any questions. You can also include your store hours or website address so your buyers can find your store again. Write the date and time of your transaction.

List the items. A receipt is a reference for you and your customer. Include a small item description so they can remember what they bought. You can also write down the ISBN or any code you have for the product. The price of the item is usually on the right side of the receipt.

Put in details that are specific to your transaction. If you are sending a receipt online, include the buyer's name and address under your company header. You can also add the quantity of items that were purchased.

Add in sales tax. You can find the sales tax for your state listed online. Some states charge a different percentage for food or allow tax exemptions for certain items. If you need to find your state sales tax rate quickly, look at the receipt you are given the next time you go to a store in your state.

Give the total. Add the sales tax and the cost of the item together. Double-check your math with a calculator. Space down and then give the total amount of the purchase.

Go digital. Use a shopping trolley on your website. PayPal will instantly send your customers a receipt even if they aren't signed into PayPal. This will save you a lot of work, especially if your business grows larger than you had planned.

Use Microsoft Office. This way you can professionally and easily create a receipt. Download a template from Microsoft's website for free. Check to make sure that you are downloading a template for Word and not Excel. Then just add in your header, items, sales tax and total. You can save the template and change it whenever you get a new customer. Print out a copy of the receipt for your own records. You can send the file to your customer digitally or mail her a copy.


  • Add a personal touch to your business by typing "Thank You" at the bottom of your receipt.