Marriage name change checklist

After all the work that goes into a wedding, there is still one more step to take after the official wedding day. That step is letting everyone know that you are married. Your wedding guests will already know, but it's unlikely that you invited your credit card companies, the IRS, Immigration, and other professional organisations to your wedding. These groups must be notified that you no longer do personal or professional business under your old name, and now officially have a new name.

Transportation Documents

Airports will check your photo identification very closely when you check in at the airport and proceed through security. Your driver's license should be updated as quickly as possible at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. To do this you must bring a copy of your signed marriage license. A passport name change can be done through the mail, but must include a DS-5504 Passport Re-Application Form, as well as a copy of your signed marriage license and two colour photographs of yourself. Changing your Social Security card is easier since it just requires a name change form be filled out and mailed in with a copy of your signed marriage license. It takes about 10 days for the IRS to update your name after your Social Security card is changed according to

Financial Documents

Changing the name on your financial documents should be done as soon as possible after your wedding. Documentation needed varies from company to company, but be sure to have plenty of copies of your marriage license on hand, as this is frequently requested. Contact each individual credit card company and find the procedure needed to change your name, and if it is possible to use your old card while waiting for the new one. Your bank must also be contacted. This is a good time to add both names to your account if you plan to use a joint current account. Other bills such as water, electric and mortgage documents must be changed as well, and this is a convenient time to include your new name along with your spouse's, if you wish for both to be used. Finally, stock accounts and other investment accounts must include your updated name. Contact each company individually; it may be as simple as mailing a copy of your marriage license.

Personal Items

Sometimes smaller items can be easily forgotten as you rush to get your travel and financial documents secured. Don't forget to change your name on your library card, wholesale supermarket memberships, video rental card, business cards, e-mail account information, voicemail greetings, health club memberships and medical information. This is a good time to consider including your spouse's name along with yours on several of these memberships.

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