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How to find out if a life insurance policy is still valid?

Life insurance policies are easily tucked away in a file cabinet and often forgotten. If the policy was prepaid for several years, or automatically drafted from a bank account or credit card, then it's possible an old policy is still valid (see reference 1).

If the policy is your own, it's easy to verify deductions from your bank or credit card. But if the policy belonged to a deceased friend or relative, you might have to do a little legwork to discover if the life insurance policy is still valid.

Read the policy to determine the insurance company that binds the policy and the policy number.

Find a phone number for the insurance company to check on the policy. If a local office for the insurance company is nearby, you might want to make an appointment to speak directly with a representative so you can show them the policy.

Provide the insurance policy information to a company representative and ask them to verify if the policy is still valid.


  • If the insurance company on the policy is no longer in business, try researching on the Internet to determine if another insurance company acquired the policy company. Contact the new insurance company for information on the policy.

Things Needed

  • Copy of the insurance policy