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How to Find Out If a Moneygram Has Been Picked Up

MoneyGram is money transfer company with offices in more than 170 countries around the world.

Among its other services, the company provides instant money transfer solution, called "ExpressPayment Service." Typically, when sending funds via MoneyGram, the sender wants to know if the receiver has collected the payment, and there are a number of ways to track the status of a MoneyGram transfer.

Get the unique reference number of your transaction. This reference number helps to track the sent funds, and is found on the receipt issued by the company when you deposit the funds. It is also the number that you communicated earlier to the recipient in order to give him access to the sent funds.

Use the reference number to inquire about the status of your transfer. MoneyGram can only provide this information by phone. Call MoneyGram at 1-800-666-3947 and provide the agent with the reference number, which will be used to track your order.

File a complaint with MoneyGram, by phone or in writing, for any issues concerning your money transfer. Prepare your complaint before contacting the company. You are required to provide your first and last name, the eight-digit reference number of your transaction, a telephone number and the time at which the company can contact you, and the details of your complaint. You can also add information about your preferred method of getting the complaint resolved. Provide the company with these details by phone at 1-800-666-3947, or by e-mail at Upon receipt of a complaint, the company requires eight weeks to process your complaints, though most issues are resolved within two weeks of the filing of complaint.