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How to get paid for online chat forums

Online chat forums, also known as message boards, are Web pages where you can hold discussions on any type of topic with other Internet users. Chat forum interactions are established in the form of posted messages, which are commonly called threads. Online chat forums have become very popular among Internet users.

For this reason, websites looking to attract more visitors will pay you to become a contributor on their online chat forums to increase traffic. In other words, the more chat forum posts a website has, the more visitors it will potentially receive.

Register for a MoraChat account and get paid for contributing in its online chat forums (see Resources). With MoraChat you can open an account for free and start earning money by contributing in its chat forums. MoraChat boasts over 45,000 registered users and its forums feature discussions that cover a wide range of topics. This website has various moderators who ensure that the forums aren't saturated with Spam content so that visitors find the website's chat forums useful and informative. MoraChat doesn't pay you a fixed rate per post, instead, your pay amount is determined by how lengthy and informative your posts are. On average, you can earn about 0, but you can make more money when posting picture or video forums. The minimum payout with MoraChat is £5 as of December 2010.

Sign up for a Yuwie account and earn money by using its web services (see Resources). With Yuwie you can sign up for a free account and start making money thereafter. This website has the attributes of a social networking site in that it lets you meet new friends, connect with old ones, plus you can also share videos, pictures and blogs as well as chat with other users. With Yuwie you get paid when participating in activities such as chatting, leaving comments, watching and submitting videos, starting blogs, viewing pictures and adding friends to your profile as well as referring friends to the site. When using Yuwie, your payment amount is determined between the fourteenth and fifteenth of each month for the previous month. Your payment amount varies depending on your activities in the site; however, the best way to earn money with Yuwie, is by referring friends to the site.

Register for an account with MyLot and make money for participating in its online chat forums. Registering for an account with MyLot is free. With MyLot you get paid to chat online, plus you earn money for your profile views, sending messages, writing blog posts, joining groups, participating in forums and commenting on news. MyLot also pays you to refer people to its website; however, chatting in its forums is you best bet if you want to earn more. To receive payments with MyLot, you will need a PayPal or Moneybookers account, which are Internet-based electronic payment processors. To request a payment from MyLot, you will need to accumulate £6 in your account.