How to Print Rent Receipts on Your Computer

As a landlord or owner of a rented property it is your responsibility to give your tenants a receipt for paid rent. This will help reduce disputes and inconsistencies regarding payments. Keep a copy of the receipt for your own records. Make and print simple rent receipts on your computer using Microsoft Word instead of buying pre-made receipts.

Create a new standard document in Microsoft Word by clicking "File" in the toolbar at the top of the screen, then "New Blank Document."

Type in "Rent Receipt" at the top of the page. Make it bold and centre it on the page. Type in "Landlord acknowledges receipt of rent from tenant" or a similar acknowledgement phrase on the next line.

Click "Insert" in the toolbar at the top of the screen, then "Table." Create a table that has two columns and five rows (you can either enter the number of rows and columns manually or use Word's visual table tool, which will appear when you click "Table").

In the first column, type "Tenant" in the first row, "Rent Paid" in the second, "Date Paid" in the third, "Received by" in the fourth and "Signed" in the final row.

Move your cursor so that it hovers above the first column until it turns into a downward-pointing arrow. Click once to select the entire row. Click "Bold" on the font formatting toolbar. Change the size, colour and font of the words as you see fit.

Click the area outside of the final row of your table and then press "Enter" to go to a blank line in the document. Your cursor should now be located below the table. Type in your company name. To insert your company logo instead, click "Insert" in the toolbar at the top of the screen, then "Picture." Press "Enter" twice to go to a blank line.

Type a long dashed line across the page. This separates the receipts on your page. You can cut along this line after you print the page. Press "Enter" then the "Backspace" key. Your cursor should appear on a new blank line with the dashed line above.

Highlight the entire receipt you just created, including the dashed line. Copy it by pressing the "Control" and "C" keys on your keyboard at the same time.

Position your cursor underneath the dashed line and then paste a copy of the receipt by pressing the "Control" and "V" keys on your keyboard at the same time. Now you have two receipts. Repeat this to fill up the entire page (about three or four receipts will fit).

Print as many receipt pages as you need. Keep a record for yourself by printing the pages on blank carbonless paper that has at least one extra sheet behind it (this is called 2-part paper). Fill out the receipt then rip or cut off a copy for the renter. Keep the back copy of the receipt for your files.


Insert two additional rows in the table labelled "Late charges," "Other Fees," or something similar to break down the amount that was paid by the tenant. Click inside of the last row in the table and then press the "Tab" key to create a new row.


These instructions are specific to Word 2007, but the process is similar for other versions of Word.

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Things Needed

  • Carbonless paper (optional)

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