Questions to Ask During an Internal Interview

While it may seem that an internal interview would be less stressful than a general interview because the candidate already works for the company, many find this not to be the case. When conducting an internal interview, remember that your interviewee has much to gain from the interview going well. Help this candidate move through the interview effectively while still gaining the information you need to make an informed decision by carefully selecting your internal interview questions.

Tell Me About Your Experience With The Company

Before the interview, you will likely review the candidate's employment file, giving you some insight into his history with the company; however, this file may only tell you one side of the story. Give the employee the chance to give you his side of the story by asking him to tell you about his experience. If there is a sanction or poor review in the file, you may want to inquire specifically about this issue as well.

What Appeals To You About The New Position?

The new position for which you are interviewing the candidate may include a pay raise, but this shouldn't be the only reason the employee wants that job. Ask her to explain the appeal to see what it is that has compelled her to seek out this different position. If she can't provide a solid answer, she may not be the best candidate as salary could be the overwhelming factor in her decision.

What Qualifications Make You a Good Candidate For This Position?

When selecting a candidate to fill a new position, you are likely eager to find the strongest candidate. See what sets this candidate apart from others up for the position by asking him what he has that the others don't. He may have taken a course, completed a project or temporarily performed a job that makes him the ideal candidate.

What are your ultimate career goals?

The new position for which the candidate is interviewing may represent another step along the path of reaching his ultimate career goal. To determine whether this new position is in alignment with his career goals, inquire about the position he hopes to some day reach.

Do You Have Any Questions About The Position?

Even though the employee in question has likely seen co-workers carry out the job for which she is interviewing, she probably doesn't know everything about the position. As you conclude your internal interview, give her a chance to gather a bit more information about the job by letting her pose questions.

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