Lloyds TSB Bank was formed in 1995, when Lloyds, one of the Big Four clearing banks, merged with TSB. Lloyds TSB now has a large network of ATMs and branches throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

The Lloyds TSB debit card provides users with the ability to access their current accounts worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted. Additionally, once you've received your Lloyds TSB debit card, you can register it for online banking and ClickSafe, which provides extra protection against fraud when shopping online.

Things You Will Need
  • Photo identification

  • Proof of address

Visit your local Lloyds TSB branch to obtain your debit card. Bring your photo identification and proof of address. While at the branch, the teller will register your debit card and your pin number so that you can immediately access your funds through debit purchases or ATM withdrawals. Debit cards will only be provided to people with bank accounts at Lloyds TSB.

Register an online account at the Lloyds TSB website. Provide the information necessary to create an online account, including your bank account or debit card number, contact information, e-mail address and pin, following the prompts on the website. The registration process will also ask you to provide answers to security questions. Once you've registered your debit card for online banking, you can register for ClickSafe.

Verify the email address you provided and activate your account by clicking on the link sent by the bank to your e-mail address or entering the code provided in the email when you are prompted to do so.

Log into your debit card's online banking account, then click on the ClickSafe option located on the bank's debit card information page. Follow the prompts and provide the information necessary to register your debit card for ClickSafe. Provide the answer to the security question you will be asked when you make purchases online.

Log out of your bank account once you've completed registration, especially if you are using a public computer.