How to Remove Late Payments From Credit Report

Credit card payments that are not made on time and remain on your credit report can harm your overall credit score. However, these late payments do not have to cause a huge drop in your score, if you understand how to have them removed quickly. As long as you have not been late on more than one occasion, you should be able to have the late payment taken off of your credit report. The later your payment is the harder it will be to have it eradicated, so deal with it rapidly. If contact your credit card company directly and are willing to let them take future payments straight from your current account on a monthly basis, you should have no problems removing most late payments from your report.

Call the company that granted you the card and ask it to take off the late payment. The company representative with whom you communicate will look at your record as a credit card holder with their company. If you have not missed any payments in the past, you will have a much better chance of having the charge removed.

Let the creditor with whom you are dealing set your account up to be billed automatically each month. This billing option is a way for the creditor to be more comfortable that they will be paid on time each month. You also must remember that you gain the opportunity to have your late payment cleared. This type of scenario can work well because everyone involved is getting something of value during the transaction.

Look closely at a copy of the credit report in question. If there is any information on the report that is not correct when it comes to the late payment data, bring this to the attention of the company with whom you are communicating. Possible discrepancies include the wrong day of the month when the billing took place, incorrect payment charge, or something of this nature. The company may decide to remove the late payment if you let them know about any discrepancies.

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