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How to respond to a job advertisement

During your job search, you will utilise several methods of finding a job. One of the more popular methods is to use job advertisements you find on the Internet or in a print publication. The process for responding to a job ad is the same, regardless of the medium the ad appeared in. To get yourself considered for the job among the pile of other qualified applicants, you need to understand how to respond to a job advertisement.

Read the advertisement carefully, and follow the instructions. Employers put conditions on how to respond to their employment advertising because that is the process they would like you to follow. If the advertisement says do not call, then do not look up the company phone number and call. If the advertisement asks you to mail your information to a post office box, then that is where you should mail it.

Research the company and the position they are hiring for to find the ways in which your qualifications match up to what the company is looking for. Use the company's website to find your information, or you can refer to business reference guides at the public library such as the Thomas Register.

Write a cover letter that is tailored specifically to that company and in regards to the position they are hiring for. Start the cover letter off by stating where you saw the advertisement and that you are applying for the position. Be sure to summarise the information in your resume by mentioning a few short qualifications that are specific to the position. Include any certifications or industry-specific training you have that will help you in performing the job. End your cover letter by mentioning that you look forward to a personal interview with the company.

Customise your resume to point out the qualifications that are specific to the job. You can write an career objective on your resume that is specifically for the company and position you are applying for.

Make a note of when you sent your response, and follow up through a phone call or letter in a week.


This method applies to responding to a job advertisement by e-mail or standard mail. Some companies use placement agencies that create anonymous advertisements to get resumes from candidates. If the company name is not it the advertisement, send your resume with a general career objective and a cover letter that is structured as mentioned above with pertinent information about you and your accomplishments in the industry.