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How to send money from Morocco

If you are in Morocco and need to send some money back home or to another individual or business, you can do so on your own. You may notice that you do not have all of the same money transfer options that you have in other countries.

For instance, Western Union will accept money transfers from the UK but does not allow you to send money to the UK from their agent locations in Morocco. Even with the limited options, it is still possible to do a money transfer from Morocco to another country.

Find a MoneyGram location using the MoneyGram website (see Resources) to send money. As of July 2010, there are 284 MoneyGram locations in Morocco. Take some photo IDs to the location and send your money. You will be given a reference number that you must give to the person receiving the money.

Check to see if your bank has an international branch in Morocco. If you have a bank that is affiliated with a bank in Morocco, you can just do an international money transfer by visiting the bank in Morocco. Fees for international money transfers vary.

Send money online with PayPal, Western Union or Skrill (see Resources). With these services, the money transfer is immediate, but the recipient does need to have an account for Skrill and PayPal. With Western Union, you can send the money for pickup at a Western Union location, to a bank account or for home delivery as a Visa prepaid card.