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How to send a moneygram

A MoneyGram is a quick, safe and convenient way to send money. They can be sent to friends and family or to some businesses. Usually, a MoneyGram reaches its destination 10 minutes after it is sent. A MoneyGram is a good option for situations in which a friend or a family member is in need of emergency funds or a bill needs to be paid quickly to avoid a late fee. MoneyGrams make it easy to wire money online.

How to Send a MoneyGram, Step 1

Visit an in-store MoneyGram agent or go to the MoneyGram website to wire money online (see Resources).

How to send a MoneyGram, Step 2

Be prepared to show a form of legal identification.

How to send a MoneyGram, Step 3

Fill out the "Send" form, which requires your name, the recipient's name, the dollar amount to be sent, the anticipated vicinity where the money will be picked up by the recipient, and any special instructions. If the recipient does not have a legal form of identification to show when picking up the money, provide a code word on the form the recipient can give instead of identification. If the MoneyGram is being sent to a company for a bill payment, you will need to enter the company name and company code for the bill you are paying. Contact the company you are paying and ask if it accepts MoneyGram payments. If it does, ask the company to give you its legal name and company code.

How to send a MoneyGram, Step 4

Pay for the MoneyGram. You will be required to pay the amount of the MoneyGram, plus a fee. The fee is dependent on the amount of money you are sending and which agent you use (see Resources). In-store MoneyGram agents accept cash; the MoneyGram website accepts credit cards and debit cards. Once you have sent the MoneyGram, you will be given a reference number for your transaction.

How to send a MoneyGram, Step 5

Contact the recipient of the MoneyGram and give him the reference number for the transaction and the secret code if one was used. Typically, the money is available for the recipient to pick up within 10 minutes. Usually, money is paid to the recipient in cash. If the MoneyGram is for a large amount, the funds may be paid partly or in whole by a money order, cashier's check or traveller's check.


You can check the status of the MoneyGram by calling 1-800-666-3947 and giving the phone representative your reference number.


MoneyGram warns customers to avoid scams by not sending money to individuals they do not know.

Things Needed

  • Identification
  • Cash, credit card or debit card

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