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How to send money online using my American Express card

The American Express credit card, or Amex, offers stable credit with high limits to those with excellent credit. Using your American Express card not only earns you rewards for travel and shopping, but it also allows you to send money online in a variety of ways. From sending e-gift cards to funding a Western Union telegram across the country, your American Express card makes sending money a brief and easy task.

Go to Giftcards.com to send a virtual gift card to the recipient of your choice.

Choose the "virtual gift" option, and click the purchase button after reading through the site's terms.

Choose the amount of money you want on the virtual gift card. The card holds up to £325; if more is needed, additional virtual cards can be purchased.

Provide the recipient's first and last name, e-mail address and physical address.

Click the purchase bar to complete the transaction after providing your American Express card details. Within an hour the recipient will receive an e-mail containing the code to claim the virtual card, which essentially gives the recipient a temporary Visa credit card number.

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