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How to successfully send money via MoneyGram

Emergencies happen and when you are in desperate need of cash there are many options to receive funds. Money transfer systems allow consumers to send money in a matter of minutes around the world.

MoneyGram provides a safe and fast mode of money transfer at no cost to the recipient. MoneyGram also allows transfers to be made online or in person at a customer service location.

Send a money transfer in person

Determine how much money you are sending through MoneyGram and when your recipient needs it. MoneyGram has online tools that can help you work out which wire transfer option suits your needs. The tools allow you to see the total cost of your transaction including service fees. For example, sending £65 from the UK to Afghanistan incurs an £7 fee. Locate your nearest MoneyGram location using the location finder tool.

Be sure your recipient can get to a MoneyGram location. There are more than 90,000 locations in 190 countries.

Go to a MoneyGram office to initiate your transfer. The in-person transaction limit for MoneyGram is £6,500. All transactions must be paid for in cash.

Initiate your wire transfer by filling out the MoneyGram paperwork. Indicate the recipient's name, location and how much money is being sent. Choose your delivery preference. Complete the transaction by presenting current identification in the form of a driving licence, passport or military identification and be ready to disclose your source of income. You are given the total cost of your transaction before proceeding. All transfers must be paid for in cash.

Receive your tracking number when your transfer is complete. Keep all receipts and hold on to your tracking number.

Give the tracking number to the recipient so that they can pick up their money. Let them know when the money will be ready. Money transfers conducted in person have same day availability. The tracking number allows you to trace the transaction and see when the money is collected by the recipient.

Send a money transfer online

Visit the MoneyGram website. Fund online transfers with debit card, credit card or bank account information. Search the agent locator on the website to ensure your recipient has access to one of more than 90,000 MoneyGram locations.

Fill out your personal MoneyGram profile. Select the "Send Online" link. After selecting the destination country, receive option and amount of your transfer, indicate that you don't have a MoneyGram account Personal information including your email and mailing address is required.

Enter your transfer information. The recipient's name and your funding information are required. Funds transferred from a credit card are received on the same day. Funds transferred from a bank account are received in three business days. Using your bank account requires verification by MoneyGram through trial deposits into the account. Verification of your bank account takes up to three business days.

Finalise your transfer. Your total costs for the transfer are shown during checkout. Fees are slightly higher for online transfers than sending money in person at a Moneygram location. Your total cost to instantly send £65 online to Afghanistan from the UK is £73, compared to £72 to send the money in person.

Receive your tracking number. When your transaction has been successfully processed, you are issued the number. The recipient will need this to receive the money.

Let the recipient know when their funds will be available. Your funding method determines if funds are received on the same day or in three business days. Tell the recipient they need to show a valid form of identification such as a driving licence or passport to receive their funds.