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Team leader interview tips

Interviewing for a team leader position can an exciting step in your career. To prepare for the interview, you'll need to research the company and see just how it works in order to be prepared to answer questions.

Be sure to know how many people will be on the team you are interviewing with, what your job responsibilities will be and where the company is looking to go in the future. This will cut down on time that the interviewer will have to explain your potential job to you, and leave you with more time to show the interviewer that you're the perfect match.

Research the Company

Start researching the company online.

You can check out the company's website to see the products they are currently selling, study their latest advertising campaigns or see a list of the company directory to get an idea of the number of people that work there.

You can also search for the company on different search engines to get another perspective about the company that isn't tailored by the company. This will help you see both sides of the company, from a corporate perspective and a consumer perspective, especially if you find reviews of their products online.

Prepare for General Questions

While interviewing for a team leader position, you will most likely be asked about your communication skills, your ability to manage others and your willingness to work in a team. Have a few answers prepared for questions such as these that can be easily tailored to the question the interviewer may ask you. For example, you may be asked about your communication skills.

Prepare an answer that highlights a time in your prior position where your communication skills were able to boost the team's performance, or where you were able to move a project forward by effectively communicating. By answering questions with solid examples of your performance, you'll be able to show how your skill set will work well in a team leader position.

Interview Day

When interview day comes around, dress conservatively and clean.

Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and speak confidently when asked questions. It's OK to take a second or two to form an answer after you've been asked a question instead of jumping into an answer that you're not sure of. When the interview is complete, you may be asked if you have any questions. This is your time to ask anything about the job that you aren't sure of, or you can ask about the hiring timeline of the position you are seeking.

After the interview, be sure to drop a "thank you" card in the mail for the person who interviewed you. Thank the person for his or her time, and also mention one thing from your interview that caught your interest, such as how much this position paralleled an aspect of your last position and that you think this will help you to be a great employee at their company.