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How to transfer money to another person's account online?

You no longer have to walk into a bank branch to transfer money to another person's account. Instead, you can transfer money online using one of many available services.

Online banks and payment services allow you to transfer money electronically; even some banks with physical locations now allow customers to do wire transfers online. Whereas before you had to either visit the other person's bank branch to make a deposit or send a check in the mail, now the deposit is processed from the comfort of your computer either instantly or within a few days.

Find out if the person you would like to transfer money to has a PayPal account. If so, ask him to send you a "money request." This is a request that will come to you via e-mail. Use a credit or debit card to make an instant payment to the person online. The money transfer will be deposited into the other user's PayPal account immediately once the transaction is approved. The other person can then withdraw the money to his account.

Visit the online banking service that is associated with your local bank. Register with your account number, social security number, name and address. If available, sign up for the bank's online wire transfer service. Enter the other person's bank account number and the amount of the transfer. The cash will be transferred in one to three days, depending on your service. You will be charged an additional wire transfer fee that can range from £6 to £19.

Go to or to transfer money to another person online. Click "send money online" or a similar command. Choose between a same-day transfer (about £9 to £26 depending on the amount you are sending) or a transfer that will take approximately a couple of days to complete (about £6 to £9). Enter the receiver's name, address and the amount of the transfer. Pay for the transfer with a credit or debit card, or a withdrawal from your current account. The money will be available for pickup by the other person at a Western Union or MoneyGram location.


  • If you use the PayPal method, be sure to add a few extra dollars to the payment to cover transaction fees that the other person will have to pay.

Things Needed

  • Credit card, debit card or current account