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How to Unsuspend an Account With eBay

There are a number of reasons a user's eBay account may become suspended.

Suspension can be the result of forgetting to pay your eBay fees, owing a refund balance or committing a policy violation. During suspension, you are unable to leave feedback, sell or buy items. Additionally, other eBay accounts within the same household may experience suspension.

Payment suspensions result in automatic restoration of the account as soon as fees are paid. Policy violations require an official appeal.

Check your e-mail to determine the reason your account was suspended and eBay's recommended course of action to have your account reinstated. Verify the suspension of the account by logging into your eBay account. Contact eBay using the form provided in your eBay account if you have not received any e-mail correspondence concerning the suspension. Do so by selecting "Contact Us" located at the top of your eBay account. Type "My account was suspended" and select the "Email us" button on the right side of the page.

View your eBay balance by using the "Select Invoice" option located in the menu on the right side of your account. Pay these fees by going to "My eBay" and clicking the tab titled "Account." Select the option to make a one-time payment and pay the fees. Change your credit card information by clicking "My eBay," selecting the "Account" tab, and clicking "Change," located in the "Automatic Payment Method" area. Select your new payment method and input your payment information. Set up a payment plan for the reimbursement eBay made to your buyer by selecting the "Financial Information" link within the personal information section of your eBay account.

File an appeal if there is a reason you did not pay for an item and are experiencing suspension. Select the "Unpaid Item Appeal Form" located within your eBay account. Include proof of payment, such as copies of checks, money orders, PayPal confirmations or other payment verification e-mails. Write the item number and user ID on the paper along with the words "Bidder Appeal" and fax it to 1-888-379-6251. Contact eBay directly if the seller changed the pricing after the auction was over, there was unauthorised use of your account or if the seller has become suspended.

Contact eBay to appeal a suspension based on a policy violation. Reply directly to the suspension notification e-mail within your eBay e-mail account. Include information pertaining to the situation, such as why the occurrence happened or other pertinent details. Additionally, you may appeal an item you bid on and did not pay for. Appeals may take up to 10 days to process and you will receive an e-mail notification determining the outcome of the suspension.