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How to update my CV

A CV -- or curriculum vitae -- is also sometimes referred to as a resume. Periodically, you need to update your CV to reflect new work experience, recently achieved qualifications and other changes. Employers’ Jobs believe you should do this before every job application. Potential new employers are more likely to be impressed by a fuller career profile. You might not be granted a job interview if you fail to update your CV before applying.

Indicate any new work experience that you have gained since you wrote your CV. This is especially important if you have been working at management level or have faced additional duties. Specify the time spent gaining the work experience. A week of experience is probably not worth recording, whereas a year is a significant amount of time. Add some details about the additional skills you have developed as a result of the extra responsibilities.

Add any new qualifications achieved, especially where they are specifically relevant to new applications. List the units undertaken and the subject components studied. Give the grades achieved and details of the awarding bodies.

Amend your personal details where they have changed. Update your contact details if you have moved house. Likewise, your telephone and email details may need revising if you have changed accounts.

Modify any personal statements to indicate your current state of thinking on pertinent matters, such as your approach to selling. Without being mendacious in any way, subtly re-focus your account of yourself. Aim to indicate your suitability for the new post for which you are applying, by matching what you have to offer with what the employer needs.