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How to Use the Merchant ID in PayPal

Using the Merchant ID on PayPal is an effective remedy to spam e-mails that sellers encounter when customers buy online. A merchant account provides the business name or logo rather than the email of the seller. It looks more professional and solves a potential problem with unwanted e-mails.

Open a PayPal merchant account. It should be independent of any personal or premier account that is already active. However, if it is used for the business, it may be upgraded by visiting the website.

Provide all necessary data about the item(s) for sale. There will be quantity, drop-down menu options, etc. Selecting the style and type of button are completed at this step as well. Until altered, the email may be still referred to as the payment.

To work under a PayPal Merchant ID, be sure to use "hosted" or "encrypted" code. If using a "clear text" button code, use the PayPal Business ID or Merchant Referral ID. These may be found on the "Profile" link and beneath "Profile Summary." Look for Secure Merchant Account ID to replace the variable of "business" with button code by copying and pasting it. For additional instruction from the PayPal community, refer to the reference section.

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