How to verify a valid bank account

There are many instances in which someone might want to verify a valid bank account. People who are renting out apartments or homes often want to make sure a potential tenant has enough money saved to pay for the rent. A mortgage bank might check a bank account's validity when determining whether to grant an individual a loan. And a retail store might check to see if a bank account is valid before allowing someone to shop using that particular account.

Ask the account holder for the bank account information that you will need to verify the account: account number, bank name and bank phone number. If you are verifying account information such as an account balance for apartment or home rental purposes, you may be doing so as part of a rental application and wouldn't yet have a copy of the account holder's check. You also may be verifying funds without having a written check if you are inquiring about the creditworthiness of an individual applying for a loan.

Look at the check, if you do, however, have a check written by the account holder. The routing number is the first set of numbers on the bottom of the check followed by the account number. The name of the bank is typically printed on the check, as well. You then need to find a phone number the bank maintains for those wishing to check balances on accounts and verify account information.

Call the bank. This is usually a toll-free number that the bank has set up for the purpose of an individual checking his account balance or for a balance inquiry by a business.

Listen for the prompts for someone seeking an account inquiry. If such an option is not available, hit 0 to speak to an operator.

Ask the operator at the bank to verify that an account exists. If you are using the automated system for an account inquiry, type in the account number on your telephone keypad at the appropriate prompt.

Listen for the information you are seeking. If the bank account is not a valid account, the system will tell you that the account is invalid. If the account is valid, the system will tell you that the account is a valid account and, depending on the bank's policies regarding offering account balances, will also tell you the current balance on the account. If the system does not tell you the balance on the account and you need that information, call a bank branch directly, ask to speak with a manager and tell him the information you are seeking. Sometimes banks require written letters from account holders to release any kind of balance information to a third party.

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