How to Write Career Goals in Accounting

As part of your search for a job position in the field of accounting, you may need to write a statement or essay that explains your career goals for an employer. In addition to learning where you've been on your resume, employers also want to know where new accountants are going. As a future accountant, your career goals should indicate which of your skills are the strongest and what type of accounting job you want, be it a forensic accountant or certified internal auditor.

Create a list of all of your skills and accomplishments related to accounting that you would consider particularly impressive or notable. Do not focus on the implied information already in your resume, such as your degree in financing. Instead, write down more focused abilities, such as your knowledge of embezzlement or successful audits. Purdue Online Writing Lab recommends finding a "hook," or one particular experience or ability you have that will make you stand out.

Read the job description of the accounting position you are applying for and consider what qualifications are required. Even if this job isn't your end goal, it may be a stepping stone. Find those qualifications that would also apply to your ultimate goal and focus on those as you write your career goals.

Write a brief summary of your career goals, which should include the skills and accomplishments listed in Step 1. Drawing on that list, explain how you want to use those abilities and further develop your skills. Depending on the length of essay your potential employer has requested, you may also delve into career experiences you've had thus far that have helped to shape your goals. While you don't need to state the exact accounting position you want to end up with, you should tailor your essay to show you are headed on that path. For example, if you are hoping to eventually find work as a forensic accountant, your interest in and experience with handling white-collar crime cases, as well as your knowledge of fraud and money laundering, should be mentioned.

Write a short conclusion that sums up your overall career goal as an accountant. Suggest an interview to further discuss any opportunities, or mention whether you will be contacting the employer with a follow-up phone call.

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