Tips on Applying Internally With a Cover Letter

Use a full resume and a cover letter when applying for a job within your company. Although your employer already knows plenty about you, it may want to take a fresh look at your skills and qualifications with respect to the internal job opening.

Reason for Changing Position

Besides the common resume and cover letter information, you need to provide a reason why you want to be considered for the opening and leave your current position within the company. Rather than saying something negative like the current position bores you or does not challenge you, focus on what challenges the new position offers and how you can help the company more in that job. In case you are not chosen for the new position, you do not want your employer to feel that you won't be happy in your old job.

Relevant Skills and Qualifications

The cover letter must present the employer with your skills and qualifications for the job opening. Mention that your current work has given you valuable skills that will benefit you and the company in this new job. Include examples of successful projects you had a key role on, along with mentoring support you've given colleagues.

Focused and Career-Oriented

One important tip for writing a cover letter for an internal position is to include your career goals. One reason you may have taken your current position is because it allowed you to grow within the business. Be focused in your career and advancement desires. Do not state specifically that you feel you are more focused and deserve the job transfer more than others, but let your qualifications and hard work show that you are the right fit.

Respecting Current Position and Co-workers

Another tip for writing a cover letter for an internal job opening is to avoid speaking negatively about your current job and department. This includes pointing out the poor work habits of co-workers. You want to remain positive and avoid burning bridges while making your case. Focus on what you can contribute to the new position without comparisons to your current position.

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