How to Write an Email for a Job

The Internet is often used as the first point of contact between a job applicant and the human resources department of a hiring company. The job inquiry e-mail should also include a cover letter introducing yourself to the HR person and establishing why you are an appropriate candidate for the job in question. Writing an e-mail for a job requires you to use correct grammar, proper spelling and a professional tone.

Set up an e-mail address that is your name and the email domain. Avoid sending business e-mails from nickname e-mails or addresses that have unprofessional terms or wording in them. A goofy e-mail address sends an immediate first impression that you are not serious about getting the job.

Research the company before you send any correspondence. The company may have a very specific format they want job requests to follow and if you don't follow it, you do yourself a disservice by not following the company's protocol. Check the company's website and check for job application instructions along with basic company information.

Address the email to the HR person in charge of filling the position. If you are unsure of who will be reading the email, start the message with "Dear Hiring Manager."

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and state the position for which you are applying.

Provide a brief explanation of your work history and qualifications that highlight your expertise related to the job in question. Keep this to a single paragraph since your resume will include the expanded information; there is no need to be repetitive.

Conclude by stating that your resume is attached and that you hope to hear back soon. Thank the reader for his time.

Include an e-mail signature that lists your name, educational background, your phone number and your website if you have one that is business related.

Attach your resume to the email and then proofread the email in its entirety to correct any spelling or grammar errors before the email is sent.

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