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How to write a job reference for a housekeeper

When a person hires a housekeeper, she often asks the housekeeper for a couple of references. Past or current clients write a reference regarding the work, habits and skills of the housekeeper. The reference is a customer's personal feelings regarding the worker and her performance.

When you write a job reference for a housekeeper, she often gives it out to prospective clients hoping to obtain new customers. If you decide to write a reference, be honest about your feelings and offer details you would want to know if you were considering hiring her.

Date the letter. The first step when writing a job reference for a housekeeper is placing the date on the top of the letter. If desired, include your name and address at the top of the letter as well. If this is included, when the housekeeper passes your reference letter to potential customers, these customers will have your name and address. If you would rather keep it personal, include only your name.

State "It is my pleasure to recommend (the housekeeper's name) as a housekeeper," to begin the letter. By starting off this way, the reader knows exactly what to expect within the contents of the letter. It also allows the reader to know the purpose of the letter.

Explain who you are and how long the housekeeper worked for you. Describe the frequency of the cleanings and if there was a specific purpose you hired her. Many times, people hire a housekeeper when a homeowner obtains an injury or illness. Other times, people hire a housekeeper simply because the homeowner doesn't have time or doesn't want to clean herself.

Incorporate adjectives to describe the positive traits of the housekeeper. Point out things such as completeness, punctuality, trustworthiness and consistency in her work. Describe any additional qualities she possesses that would highly regard her and her work. Include a story, if possible, of a time she went above normal standards just to accommodate you.

State at the end of the letter that if the need for housekeeping services ever arises again, you would definitely hire her again without question.