How to Write a Notice of Resignation or Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is an official notice to an employer that an employee is leaving his job. His last work day is usually at least two weeks after the date of the resignation notice or letter. This is why it is often called a "two-week notice." Because a notice of resignation or resignation letter is a business document, it should conform to certain standards to ensure professionalism. The way you handle your own resignation often has an impact on future references from that employer, so it is imperative that you resign properly.

Put the date in the top-right corner of the page.

Address the letter to your supervisor, the hiring manager or the person in the human resources department who handles employee retention.

State your intention to resign in the first sentence. State your last day of work in the second sentence.

Provide the reason you are leaving in the second paragraph of the letter or notice. If you are leaving to pursue another job or career, state that. If your resignation is due to conflict with coworkers or the employers, simply state an inability to work with team members or supervisors; do not name names or accuse anyone of wrongdoing in your resignation letter.

Offer to help your employer with hiring and training your replacement, if you have that ability, in the third paragraph. If you have someone specific in mind, such as a co-worker, mention that person.

Thank your employer for having given you the chance to work with the company in the last paragraph. Reassure your employer that you will continue to fully perform your duties until your last day of work.

Write your name at the bottom of the letter or notice and sign it. Give it directly to whomever it is addressed to.

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