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What to write in supporting notes in a job application

Supporting notes for a job application provide additional information and instructions to job candidates to complete the application. They give background information and specific details about what you, as an employer, are looking for on the application.


Give step-by-step instructions for completing each section of the application. Break out your supporting notes into sections to match the main headings of each application section, such as Education, Work Experience and Personal Information.


Include information about what specifically you want written in each section. For example, if you do not care about what jobs a potential employee had in college or university, say in the supporting notes that you only want jobs listed the applicant had after university or within the last five years.

Culture and values

Give some idea of the culture and mission of your organisation in your supporting notes. A quick paragraph about the organisation's history, values and mission can help an applicant frame the information in the application to meet your organisation's individual culture and work.

Why this job?

Encourage the candidate to read the job description thoroughly and to provide information in the application that demonstrates an interest in the job and related experience. State that the applicant should give details on all relevant training, qualifications and education and that he should work to make a case for himself as the best candidate. Also ask applicants to explain gaps in work history or why they want to enter this particular field if they have no relevant work experience. Tell applicants that they can include information about volunteer and internship posts and activities that relate to the job in lieu of paid work experience. Remind applicants that you only know the information they include in the application, so they should take care in filling it out and provide as much relevant information as possible in a positive light.

Hiring information

Include what happens after the employee turns in the application. State whether the employee can expect a follow-up call within a specified time frame, how many applicants the company typically receives for certain positions, and the next steps that will happen if the candidate is selected for an interview.