How to Write a Vehicle Sales Receipt

Whether you have a small used car dealership or you are just selling your old car, you will need to provide the buyer with a vehicle sales receipt. This sales receipt must be completed in a manner that will be accepted by your local Department of Motor Vehicles. The buyer will then take the vehicle sales receipt along with the car's title to the DMV to get the car registered in his own name.

List your full name and address in the upper left-hand corner of the vehicle sales receipt. You can draw the receipt up with pen and paper, or you can quickly create one in a word processor on your computer.

Space down and write out the details of the specific vehicle that is being sold. This must include the vehicle's make, model, year and VIN.

Describe the condition of the used vehicle in full detail, and whether or not you are selling it "as is." For example, if the vehicle needs a new transmission or the tires are going bald, list these conditions. This will protect you from the buyer coming back and accusing you of selling him a lemon. Follow this information with the current odometer reading.

State the purchase price of the vehicle underneath the vehicle's description, and mention that you are relinquishing full ownership of the vehicle to the buyer.

Complete the vehicle sales receipt by signing and dating the receipt at the bottom. Have the buyer sign and date the document, as well. The buyer can do this underneath your signature or to the right of it.


Review your state's regulations (see Resources for a link) to make sure there are not any additional requirements for your area. Always give the buyer the original copy of the vehicle sales receipt. Keep a copy for your own records.


If you do not collect the sales tax for the sale of the vehicle, and turn it in to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the buyer will be required to do so upon registration.

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Things Needed

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Computer
  • Printer

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