Writing a cover letter for a chemists shop assistant job

If you're applying for a job as a chemists shop assistant, creating a strong CV is vital. Your CV should be accompanied by a cover letter, which will serve as your first introduction to your potential employer. While your cover letter will review some of the most impressive points on your CV, go a step beyond and make a more personal connection with the recipient to show that you would be the perfect candidate for the job.

Create a centred header at the top of your document and include your name and contact information, single spaced.

Double space and set the text to left-justified, then type the name of the recipient and name and contact information for the chemists shop. It's important to find the name of the person who will be reviewing your CV so that you may personalise your cover letter. If it isn't in the job announcement, then call the shop and ask the person who answers the phone.

Type a personal salutation, including the specific name of your contact, double spaced below the contact information. Double space again and type your first paragraph, introducing yourself and explaining that you are applying for the assistant position. If you have a personal reference to the job, mention that person in this paragraph. Also, include that you are a student or recent graduate in a field of medicine or pharmacology, if applicable.

Type the middle paragraph, which should explain why you are the best candidate for the job. Here you also will expand on anything that you were not able to fit into your CV. Because chemists shop assistant jobs are usually entry-level positions, mention any activities you have participated in to prove that you have the qualities of a pharmacy assistant, which would include strong mathematics, time management and writing skills. For example, mention if you participated in a maths team in school and won awards.

Type the closing paragraph indicating that you are interested in moving forward with an interview. Thank the person for considering your CV and application. Type a complimentary closing, like "Sincerely," along with your name, double spaced beneath the final paragraph. Sign your letter.


Use action verbs to describe your activities and accomplishments in the second paragraph. A potential chemist shop assistant should use verbs appropriate to the field, such as "administered," "organised," "classified" and "computed."

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