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How to add a name to a bank account

Bank accounts are secure, and, as of the 21st century, most are electronic entities for your personal and business funds.

Most banks offer a whole host of bank accounts, from checking to savings to business checking, and most of these accounts come as both single and joint entities. However, if the need arises to add a signatory on your account, the process is relatively easy.

Contact your bank to make sure it does allow for joint accounts. Nearly every bank does, but you'll want to speak with someone in the customer service department to confirm this.

Visit your local branch or keep the representative on the phone and ask to speak with someone in the account servicing department. Regardless of whether you pick up the form in person or receive the form via e-mail or fax, you'll need to complete a form to turn your existing account into a joint account.

Complete all required items on the form. This will include, but is not limited to: your name, the joint account holder's name and address, the account number, signatures of both parties, phone numbers, e-mails, and whether or not to include an ATM or debit card on the new name.

Bring the form to a local branch or fax the document to the account servicing department at your bank. Be very, very careful if faxing the document--it has all the information anyone needs to steal your identity. Bringing the document in person is recommended.

Confirm the account is now joint either online or at your local branch.

Things Needed

  • Bank account number
  • New account holder information (address, name, phone number)