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Comments & phrases to help you write employee self-evaluations

Self-evaluations are powerful tools that some managers require employees to use as part of the company's performance management program.

An employee self-evaluation is an assessment of the individual's performance, which managers review during the appraisal process. To fill out an effective self-evaluation, it is important to know the types of things that managers look for, so you can include comments and phrases that are valuable, as opposed to empty phrases that do not speak to your performance as an employee.

My Goals Are ...

Managers want to hear about your professional goals and objectives. Goals are an integral part of running successful businesses, and having personal and professional goals means that you are looking towards the future and planning out how to make leaps and improvements in your work. The phrase "my goals are..." can enhance your self-evaluation by drawing attention to the types of things you want to work on as an employee, along with the standards that you are striving to meet. Follow up this phrase with something tangible and measurable, such as, "My goals are to increase my productivity by 3 per cent by next quarter."

I Want to Improve ...

A self-evaluation is a time for employees to consider the things that they do well, and the things that they can improve on.

Pointing out your weaknesses on a self-evaluation signifies to managers that you want to do better and excel in the workplace. People who avoid commenting on their improvement needs are ignoring the fact that there is anything to improve on and failing to demonstrate the desire to be the best they can be.

In your next self-evaluation, include a statement about the things you can improve on. You might write, "I want to improve my organizational skills so that I no longer miss meetings or deadlines."

My Achievements Have Been ...

Self-evaluations are where you should list your achievements and boast about the accomplishments you had over the course of the year.

A fair self-evaluation must have a balance between weaknesses and strengths, so be sure to talk about the things you do well. List the accounts you opened, the increased revenue you brought in, the marketing strategy that was a hit or the famous project you were a part of. These are your highlights from the year, and it's important to include the information, because your manager may not remember every achievement you had.

Overcoming Obstacles

A comment about the types of obstacles you overcame can help you write an effective self-evaluation.

Overcoming challenges in the workplace is important for managers to see how you handle difficult situations and manage yourself when the going gets tough. Whether the challenges were related to co-worker conflicts, customer complaints, technological difficulties or anything else, name the challenge and explain in your evaluation how you were able to overcome the obstacle successfully.