How to deposit cash into a bank account

Bank accounts are one secure way to store money. You may choose to have a savings or current account. A savings account is designed for saving and accumulating a sum of money. A current account may be used for convenience, such as for writing checks or making online purchases.

If you need to deposit cash into a bank account, you may do so by visiting a local branch of the bank that holds your account.

Visit the bank into which you wish to deposit your money. If you do not already have an account with the bank, ask a bank officer how you can set up an account. You will be asked to make an initial deposit.

If you already have an account at the bank, take a deposit slip. These are usually located on a table at the entrance of the bank. Fill out the deposit slip, indicating the amount in cash that you wish to deposit. These slips will also ask for your bank account number. Write your bank account number clearly in the indicated area of the deposit slip. If you don't know the account number, the teller can fill it in after consulting bank records.

Take your money and deposit slip to a teller and wait for him to process your transaction. You may have to provide identification. If you do, show the teller your state-issued driver's license or identification card.

Ask any questions you may have about your transaction. The attendant will provide you with a receipt for your transaction.


Some banks allow you to deposit cash through a bank-branded automatic teller machine. To do this, fill out a deposit slip on the ATM screen. A slip will be printed and you will be given a special envelope. Place the deposit slip and the cash into the envelope, then place it in the slot designated for ATM deposits. Be sure to review all directions given to you on the ATM screen.

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