Driving Jobs With Your Own Car

Some jobs that require you to drive your own car come with a flexible schedule. You can use them to earn money on the side or find one that offers full-time employment. Remember that any job that uses your car will cause more wear and tear on it than if you did not use it for work. Consider finding an employer who will offer a car maintenance allowance to cover the costs of keeping your car safe to drive.

Drive for a local courier or delivery service or start your own business as a courier. Couriers working for a courier service make about £6 to £7 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and independent contractors may often work for one company and make more money.

Put advertising on your car. Some advertising companies offer opportunities to drivers to put vinyl decals on their cars and get paid for driving around as they normally would. The company will likely require you to be at least 18, have a valid license, show a clean driving record and a have clean car. The company may also put a GPS system on your car to ensure that you are driving a prescribed number of miles each month, which is usually around 1,000. You must leave the advertising on your car 24/7. You are responsible for your own insurance and maintenance, and the waiting period to be accepted for one of these positions can be around 90 days.

Become a restaurant delivery driver. Pizza Hut, for example, requires its delivery drivers to have insurance, a clean driving record and a reliable vehicle and to be at least 18 years old. You will need to know how to read a map and make your way quickly around your delivery area, too.

Deliver phone books or newspapers door-to-door. Contact your local phone book delivery company or newspaper to learn about available delivery jobs. One phone book delivering company, Directory Distributing Associates Inc., provides a car allowance to its drivers, allows you to set your own hours and offers a 48 to 72 hours payment time frame.

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