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Examples of business dress code

The first thing people will notice about your employees is how they look. Unprofessional dress will reflect poorly on your employees and your business.

Instituting a dress code will ensure that your workers are dressed to portray the image of your company. The problem a business owner has when putting a dress code into place is deciding what you think is appropriate for your place of business.

Business Attire

Examples of business attire for an office may include, for men, suits, dress slacks with blazers, or sport coats and dress shoes. You will need to determine if you want your male employees to wear shirts with collars, and if so, ties.

For your female employees, do you want them to wear dresses or will business suits work? Decide if stockings or nylons are required.

Casual Business Wear

For more relaxed offices, or "Casual Friday's", you may decide that Dockers, Chinos, or even jeans are acceptable for the men. Other decisions that you need to make for your male employees casual attire are their shirts and shoes; you will need to specify if Polo shirts with collars and loafers will be acceptable or not. Choices for women are similar for casual business attire with the main difference being that you may choose to let them wear walking shorts and sandals.

Attire That is Unacceptable

As the business owner, you will also have to decide what attire is unacceptable and write it into your dress code. T-shirts, midriff tops and workout clothes may not be what you want to see your employees wearing. Anything provocative, showing too much skin or underwear worn outside your clothes are examples of things that you may want to list in the unacceptable section of your dress code.

Dress Code Enforcement

You will need to include a section in your dress code about code enforcement. List what will happen the first time someone violates the code. They could be sent home to change and allowed to come back to work, or they could be sent home for the day. Include what will happen when the same employee violates the dress code again, continue the list until you cover termination.