How to Find Your IBAN

Sending money between countries use to be a difficult, complicated process. The International Banking Number, IBAN, given to bank accounts, has reduced the amount of errors that occur with international transactions. The number consists of alpha numeric characters. To find an IBAN, you need to contact the person that you wish to send money to or check your own bank documentation. You can then check that the IBAN is genuine.

Look for your IBAN on your bank statement. The IBAN is ordered by country code, check digits, bank code, sort code and account number. For example, an account holder with the Royal Bank of Scotland's IBAN would be broken down as GB-65-RBOS-987654-1234567890. The IBAN is displayed in four digit blocks, so it will appear as GB65-RBOS-9876-5412-3456-7890.

Look for your IBAN online in your Internet banking portal. An electronic IBAN will be displayed without any gaps. For example, an account holder with the Royal Bank of Scotland would have an electronic IBAN that displayed GB65RBOS9876541234567890.

Contact the person or company you would like to send money to. Ask them to provide you with their IBAN.

Verify the IBAN. Visit a bank web site IBAN checker. Enter the IBAN you wish to verify. Click Check IBAN and the checker will verify whether or not it is a genuine IBAN.

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Things Needed

  • Bank statement
  • Computer
  • Internet

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