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Identification Requirements to Open a Bank Account

Opening a bank account is one of the first steps to financial responsibility. There are a variety of banking institutions and types of bank accounts to choose. Before you begin this journey, there are a few pieces of identification you will need to open a bank account at any financial institution.

Valid Picture Identification

Valid picture Identification means identification issued by the state or the federal government. This includes government ID for employees, a valid driver’s license or passport. This form of identification will include much of the preliminary information needed to open an account (i.e., name, date of birth and address).

Social Security card

A Social Security number can be used to run a credit check to make sure you are in good standing with other financial institutions (i.e., no outstanding negative balances or bounced checks).

Proof of Address

Proof of address can be provided through postal mail that comes to your physical residence. Most banking institutions accept utility bills as proof of address. This is generally asked for as a secondary form of identification for individuals who have recently relocated to a new area.

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