Interview questions to ask a beauty salon manager

Your interview with a beauty salon manager can provide the information that you need when deciding whether to become a client. Each salon has its strengths and weaknesses. Interviewing the salon manager can help you decide whether the salon offers the types of services that you need, and whether the overall environment is one in which you will be comfortable. Make a list of your questions and note your concerns when conducting your interview in order to find a salon that meets your expectations


Ask the manager about the services that the salon provides. You should ask about scheduling availability, specifically how far ahead of time appointments need to be made and how flexible the staff is with last-minute requests. If you are looking for a one-stop beauty salon that cuts hair as well as offering skin care, make-up services, manicures and pedicures, make sure to inquire about these services, too.


Find out which products the beauty salon uses. You may want your own preferred products used or you may wish to ascertain whether the salon uses hypo-allergic or environmentally safe items. The manager should be able to detail the products used in her salon, and should also be able to explain those choices.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Request an overview of the salon's strengths. Many salons specialise in specific services, options, types of treatments and haircuts. When you speak to the manager, ask her to provide an overview of the staff's strengths in hair, skin, make-up or other types of beauty care. It can also be telling to ask the manager to name any weaknesses. All salons have weaknesses, but the manager's response can say a lot about the attitude and general ethos of the salon.


It is always a good idea to ask the salon manager for references before committing. Request the names of two or three people in your age and general demographic for an outside perspective on the salon's work.

Professional Training

Finally, discuss the staff's professional training and licensing, and ask about the type of employees the salon hires. You will want to be sure that all staff members have certification from a recognised beauty school, or at least have state licenses. Any of the salon's general policies on past work experience is also important.

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