Job description of a business assistant

A business assistant has many responsibilities including managing, organising and assisting with project information. A business assistant must prepare, proof read and edit all outgoing correspondence including letters, press releases, proposals, newsletters and marketing materials. Assistants must also prepare bosses for meetings by researching, organising and proof reading all documents that will be present in the meetings.

Job Summary

A business assistant should have knowledge of accounting and business practices. Business assistants will most likely work closely with associates, gain experience in all aspects of the business and become an essential member of a company. Business assistants must provide research on various international developments.

Tasks and Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of a business assistant are to monitor and report weekly project statuses and estimates, assist in general project management, monitor cash flow, pay bills, assist with client billing, manage daily operations, assist with sales and marketing, keep track of RFP's, manage payroll, help with bookkeeping, keep the office clean, prepare for meetings, keep up with financial modelling, write proposals, help with sales projections and help plan and execute activities, outings and trainings.


In some positions an MBA is preferred for applicants. However, a Bachelor's degree is usually required. Experience in QuickBooks and bookkeeping is also required. Experience in Web development, Adobe Photoshop, event organising, client relations and an interest in progressive politics, transformative technology and robots are all preferred as well.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

A business assistant should be very eager to learn, hardworking, very organised, outgoing, friendly, easy to work with, self-motivated, creative, good at anticipating and should be good with computers and technology. A business assistant must also have the ability to work effectively with a range of partners, have a proven track record of successful management, have excellent innovation and creativity skills and have an attentiveness to detail.


The salary of a business assistant can be anywhere between £18,640 and £30,989. However, the salary normally depends on experience, the company, the training and the amount of years you've spent in the profession.

Work Environment

The working environment of a business assistant is somewhat fast-paced. Normally, the setting is in an office. A business assistant should have the ability to multi-task, meaning sending faxes, photocopying and typing up memos all at the same time and should be able to work in a stressful environment. Professional attire should be worn at all times in an office setting.

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