Job Description: Security Operations Manager

Security operations managers are in charge of their company's security force. They may be employed by the company itself or by a security company. They supervise and coordinate security measures according to instructions. They may be responsible for security at one location or several and must be prepared at all times to facilitate security measures of any type when called upon.

Education Requirements

Most employers prefer their managers to have an associate degree in criminal justice or police science. Many supervisory positions require a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement-related studies. They must pass written and performance examinations for licenses and receive firearms training if employed as armed guards.

Job Duties

Security operations managers are responsible for all security measures taken by their staff. If they employ armed guards they must provide proper training to meet state or federal requirements. Security operations managers are responsible for hiring and training employees. They establish work schedules, prepare payroll and budgets, and are in charge of procurements for their staff and employees. They investigate security incidents and recommend improvements to their employers. They function as guards if necessary and write reports of their daily activities, as well as stay prepared to give testimony in court if called.

Employment Outlook

According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment of security guards is expected to grow by 14 per cent between 2008 and 2018, which is faster than average for all occupations. New jobs will become available as private security firms take over security jobs from police departments. Concern about terrorism, vandalism and other crimes increases the need for security. More guards will mean an increase in supervisory positions.


The annual salary of a security director was between £31,206 and £58,246 in May 2010, according to


Security operations managers with postsecondary education and firearms licensure will have the best opportunities for advancement. They may also move to organisations that provide higher levels of security, which brings more prestige and higher pay, or they can open their own security firms.

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