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List of Jobs Working With Children

Child-related professions require a degree of patience combined with skill.

Exploring a job working with children can also require formal education. Educational requirements can include a bachelor's degree, such as social work, and some careers will require state-licensing with continued education coursework. Before researching jobs working with children, individuals can spend time with young people.

Juvenile Justice Attorney

A juvenile justice attorney provides legal assistance to individuals under the age of 18.

These legal professionals help both crime victims and those facing legal charges. Educational requirements involve completion of an undergraduate degree along with a passing grade on the bar examination. As of 2010, shows a juvenile justice attorney's annual salary ranges between £48,737 and £106,158.

Paediatric Registered Nurse

A paediatric registered nurse helps care for healthy and sick children.

Duties can involve monitoring the temperature and assisting physicians with health screenings.

This profession requires completion of an accredited nursing program, a state license and board certification. As of 2010, reports a paediatric nurse can earn an average annual salary of £43,691.

Family Social Worker

A family social worker can help place children for adoption, discuss household issues or work with a child's education program.

After completing a bachelor's degree in a social science, potential family social workers must fulfil a master's degree and state licensing requirements. As of 2010, shows a family social worker can earn an average annual salary of £26,650.

School Media Specialist

A school media specialist works as a library professional. These professionals provide video, audio and educational materials with elementary and secondary schools.

School systems employ medial specialist with a master's degree in library science, and some schools require a teaching certificate. As of 2010, shows experienced specialists earn an average annual salary between £19,998 and £29,141.

Elementary Spelling Teacher

An elementary spelling teacher assists students with reading, spelling and word definitions. Duties involve participating in student evaluations and lesson plans.

The spelling teacher must have a bachelor's degree in education training with courses in teaching methods.

These professionals must meet state licensing guidelines. shows the average annual salary is £32,064, as of 2008.