How to Have Multiple Viewers for a Slingbox

Multiple viewing locations can enjoy streamed content from your Slingbox. Include family or friends into the television viewing experience using your SlingPlayer account. By sharing access to your SlingPlayer account, you can allow a second viewer or group of viewers to watch the same content you are watching from the main Slingbox at home.

Install SlingPlayer software onto your personal computer, laptop or mobile device (see Resources). Be sure to share the SlingPlayer account information with the viewer using the remote playback device.

Turn on the Slingbox connected to your television. Control the television content using your Slingbox remote control like you usually do. This is the content that both you and the remote viewing party will be able to watch.

Have your remote viewing party open the SlingPlayer on the remote playback device. Enter the Home Slingbox account information if prompted.

Have your remote viewing party push the SlingPlayer’s “Play” button to join the Slingbox stream.

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Things Needed

  • Slingbox
  • Television
  • SlingPlayer software
  • Remote playback device

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