How to open a bank account online with no deposit

Sometimes a bank account number and a routing number are needed to set up direct deposit for paychecks and other online payments. There are banks that will open a current account online with no initial deposit. Some charge monthly fees for account maintenance, but others do not.

Collect the documents necessary for identification. Most domestic banks will accept a valid driver's license or passport and a Social Security number to open accounts for U.S. customers.

Visit the website of a bank that offers online savings or current account applications with no initial deposit (see Resources).

Click the option marked "Open a new account now." Choose the type of bank account to open from a list of available products including money market, savings and current accounts.

Fill out the online application forms with all the required personal information. The application may ask for your previous address if you have not lived in the same place for at least five years.

Select 00 for the amount of your opening deposit. Some banks offer free account services with no minimum balance. You will receive an account number and bank routing number within the next 24 hours.


Shop around for your best deal on banking. Some sites offer free checks, free ATM transactions and bonuses for recommending new customers.


Financial institutions that charge a monthly service fee will ask for the first payment before issuing your account number.

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Things Needed

  • Valid driving licence or passport
  • Social Security number

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