ING Direct is an online bank that offers electronic current accounts.

ING's "Electric Orange" current account is completely electronic and paperless; your initial deposit is funded by an online transfer from your current bank account. The account documents and disclosures are all completed online, eliminating the need to wait for, and mail back, paperwork.

Visit the ING website ( and click on Open an Account on the left side of the screen. Click on Electric Orange Checking, then Apply Now.

Gather the documents needed to apply. You'll need your Social Security number, bank routing number and bank account number. You must have an active current account at a bank to open an account with ING.

Enter your information in the web form, choose a question for future password retrieval and choose your account type (joint or individual). Click Continue, then use your mouse to create a six- to 10-digit personal identification number

Enter your current bank routing number and account number, as well as the bank's name. Choose an initial deposit amount to be transferred into your ING account. Click Complete to finish.

Wait one or two business days for verification. ING will make two small deposits in your other current account. Check that account, the one you used for transferring funds to ING, to determine the amount of the deposits.

Sign on to your ING account and verify the deposit amounts to activate the ING account.


The initial deposit will be automatically withdrawn from your personal current account, but you won't be able to access the funds until you verify the amount of the two small deposits.