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Organizational skills interview questions

Companies use the interview process to discover the skill types and experience levels in potential employment candidates.

Interviewers commonly ask questions that require these candidates to explain how they would approach various business situations. One important set of questions relates to the candidate’s organizational skills. This information is important to employers because they want to understand how individual employees will organise the workflow found in their job.

How do you prioritise each day’s tasks?

Interviewers ask this question to determine if employment candidates understand how to recognise top priorities each and every day. This question also allows interviewers to determine how well individuals can answer questions and collect their thoughts when dealing with hypothetical situations.

How do you prioritise the tasks to be completed in one complete work project?

This question gives employment candidates the opportunity to discuss how they approach individual projects in the workplace. Interviewers determine if the candidate can break down individual projects, create a plan, make good decisions regarding business workflow, analyse different outcomes and effectively accomplish the tasks needed to complete business projects.

What do you do when a project is not coming to fruition as expected because of inefficient planning?

Employers often want to know how candidates can handle projects that start off in the wrong direction. These projects may have been started by another employee or have been mishandled from the start by numerous managers or employees. Interviewers are looking for candidates to explain how they can multi-task through inefficient planning and correct problems so that projects can be completed properly.

How do you accommodate last-minute changes that have to be incorporated into your work?

Interviewers ask this question to see how well candidates can shift priorities when changes need to be made in current plans or projects under the employee’s supervision. Employment candidates should be able to explain how they will adjust their workflow to accommodate changes or suggestions by other individuals and incorporate these ideas into the final project solution.

When it is your responsibility to organise and plan a project, what steps do you take?

Employment candidates are given an opportunity to explain how they approach fresh projects given to them by supervisors. Companies often expect employees to take initiative and complete projects with very little management direction. Employees are also expected to use their personal organisation skills for completing tasks and ensuring proper outcomes to company projects.