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How to find out if your spouse has hidden accounts from you

Financial infidelity is a real problem for many couples. If a spouse is deceptive about money matters, this can lead to conflict and even divorce.

If your husband or wife has established credit card accounts without your knowledge, this can affect your credit.

If your spouse is hiding money in secret bank accounts, you need to know why assets are being kept from you. Discovering the truth may be painful, but it is necessary to find the answers.

Pull a credit report. A credit report will list any new loans or credit card accounts your spouse has opened. Every citizen is entitled to obtain a free credit report once a year from each of the three major credit reporting companies. Go to and order one for both you and your spouse. All you need is his social security number to pull his credit information. Even if you have already received your free credit report this year, purchase a new one.

Check bank records. Search bank statements. Look for ATM withdrawal patterns, payments to unfamiliar credit card accounts, and payments for loans you are not aware existed. Review statements to verify account numbers match your current account to determine if the statement is for a different, hidden account.

Search your spouse's desk. Look through your spouse's home office, desk, filing cabinet, and brief case for bank records or bills. If you have access to your spouse's business, go through her office, if this is a space open to you. Do not break and enter private property.

Search your spouse's vehicle. Check in the glove box, under seats, and in other hiding places throughout your spouse's vehicle for statements, bills, and ATM receipts. Compare these to your existing accounts to verify if the account numbers are different. Check the address on any mail to determine if your spouse has taken out a post office box to prevent you from finding statements or other account information.

Check the computer. Search through your home office computer for e-mails regarding accounts unknown to you. If you suspect your spouse is making online deposits into a hidden account, or is paying debt for a secret credit card, research the computer history. Also check for passwords to accounts in the computer address book. If the history has been erased, install a key logger and have the data sent to your private e-mail address. Programs such as eBlaster will e-mail you details hourly on any computer activity, including passwords entered and websites visited. Plus, the key logger program is not visible to anyone using the computer.