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Salon manager job description

A successful salon requires a competent manager to oversee staff, ensure customer satisfaction and drive the creative direction of the business.

A manager is also responsible for overseeing health and safety compliance, licensing and all retail operations. For a person who's willing to work her way up through the beauty business, a salon management job can be a rewarding and lucrative career goal.


The salon manager is ultimately responsible for building and maintaining a fiscally healthy business with high customer satisfaction and creative innovation. They may also oversee staff education, product sales and human resources.

A salon manager may also coordinate with the managing director to plan events and create advanced training opportunities. Other tasks include supervising general shop maintenance staff, maintaining the establishment and stocking product.


The salon manager position is similar to an assistant manager post.

When the lead manager isn't present, the salon manager is responsible for running the business. If she is also a licensed stylist, she may perform services for a premium price. The salon manager is also responsible for quality control, checking for best practices in both cosmetology technique and creative artistry.

Educational Requirements

Most salon managers work their way up, learning the trade through experience. says, "To become a hair salon manager, try working your way up in the industry, starting out as a salon receptionist, assistant manager or salon assistant.

These entry-level beauty careers will provide you with a strong foundation in the industry, and prepare you to manage operations in the future." A license isn't necessary, but it definitely gives a prospective manager a strong foundation in regards to cosmetology standards and practices.

Salary and Benefits

As of 2010, a salon manager stands to make between £19,500 and £32,500 a year. Benefits might include health insurance, discounted or free products, travel opportunities, continuing education and complimentary beauty and hair services. A salon manager can also make industry contacts that can then help him achieve professional goals.


A salon manager can take her experience and open up her own salon or can look for executive opportunities within the beauty industry. She may be able to take her management skills into the freelance sector, working to coordinate hair and beauty for private events or fashion industry functions.